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The New Life Baptist Church

Rich and Pastor Salvador on Dedication Day Rich and Pastor Salvador on Dedication Day

The Lord placed us in a neighborhood of professional people who are not always aware of their need to trust Christ alone. What a privilege to serve these friends and to share the redemption message!

Pastor Salvador is the Senior Pastor of La Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva (New Life Baptist Church) and has been since 2002. He is doing a good job pastoring the church along with the leadership team that has been discipled.

There are challenges in reaching our professional class neighbors and the leadership team is constantly looking for better ways to reach those who still need a saving relationship with the Lord in our part of Lima.

We landed on the beach head of territory controlled by our enemy and we are keenly aware of the spiritual battle going on that the Lord may gain control. Pray is our most effective tool along with the Word of God.

We have seen many baptized as Peruvians respond to the Scriptures. What a joy to see people who were once dominated by misinformation about how to have a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ coming to know Him!