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Quick Prayer and Praise

A large class taking a 1 week module Large class doing a one week Module at the University (UDG)

You may find more details on these requests by reading the newsletters on this website. This is the place where a quick list of most recent prayer request and praise items may be found. Our hope is that this page will serve as a quick and up to date list of churches and individuals to access as they go to prayer.

Please Pray:

  • For Jo Ann's complete recovery, strength and to regain full use of her leg. She was trained to do her physical therapy at home which going well. 
  • For the Lord to provide increased monthly support ($1,335) so that we get financial clearance by ABWE to begin our new ministry in Moldova.
  • For the Lord to provide a used van for service in Moldova with the university students as we mentor them in church planting and other activities. (Approximately $15,000-$19,000).
  • For the more than 700 towns and villages in Moldova with no gospel witness.
  • That the Lord would call more missionaries to join us in serving in Moldova and in preparing faithful believers who return to their Creative Access countries with Truth.
  • For students who are MBB's (Muslim Background Believers) who are being prepared to return to their respective countries with light and truth.
  • That the Lord would provide the next President of Bluewater Bible College. 
  • For the New Life Baptist church in Monterrico, Peru and for teachers at the Monterrico Christian School. 


  • For the very successful trip to Germany with Jo Ann managing well every activity!
  • For the joyful news that the biopsies from Jo Ann's surgery were benign and that the Lord has brought her back to excellent health! 
  • Generous gifts from churches and friends to help with medical expenses
  • For the "Pause" that the Lord permitted that we might get all of these medical issues handled by well-equipped hospitals and medical personnel
  • ABWE is opening the field of Moldova and we have the honor to go through the door that will set the way for other missionaries to come in
  • The Lord's leading and direction to go to Moldova to teach classes in the University, plant churches while training and mentoring church planters
  • For all our friends and family who pray regularly for our ministries.
  • Jo Ann was able to travel well without any problem
  • The informative trip to Berlin to meet the team with whom we will be networking
  • For financial supporters & prayer partners that have been faithful for almost 44 years! Thank you