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Quick Prayer and Praise

A large class taking a 1 week module Large class doing a one week Module at the University (UDG)

You may find more details on these requests by reading the newsletters on this website. This is the place where a quick list of the most recent prayer request and praise items may be found. Our hope is that this page will serve as a quick and up to date list of churches and individuals to access as they go to prayer.

Please Pray:

  • That the Lord would continue to use us in a special way now that we are back in Moldova.

  • That the Lord allow the Gospel message to penetrate the hearts and souls of the children who attended the VBS at Imago Dei as well in the parents.

  • That the Lord would use Jo Ann greatly as she teaches English to the children and young people this summer. She always incorporates the Bible and Bible stories as the primary source material for conversation and vocablary.

  • That the Lord would provide the resources for Imago Dei's outreach ministries this summer including the financial resources need to help with the cost of the Youth Camp in August.

  • For the young people who attend the camp that the Gospel would penetrate to their innermost being and they would trust Christ as Savior. 

  • For the church as we minister to the community with compassion ministries.

  • For the UDG students returning to limited access countries to make disciples, plant churches, and be shinning lights for Christ.

  • For our training ministries with these bright young Christian university students at UDG preparing to serve the Lord with their lives.

  • For the Spirit's leading as we consider His will for us in the coming years.

  • For the situation in Moldova during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • For Strong Foundations - that many young people from suffering families would come to trust Christ through this ministry.

  • For the Christian University (UDG) now as we prepare for the fall 2021 semester.

  • That as we mentor our friends and partners we would grow closer to Him and each other and be able to give them tools to continue serving the Lord here in Chișinău.

  • For both of us (Rich and Jo Ann) that we would continue to have the health and vitality to accomplish all that the Lord has for us here in Moldova.


  • That Jo Ann was able to complete the necessary medical check-up in Moldova and that she is in excellent health! This saved us a trip to the states and allowed us to continue serving here in Europe. 

  • For attempt to serve in Spain which was changed by the Lord. He is God and rules the nations of the world. 

  • For our safe return to Moldova and the joy of serving Him here.

  • For new members that are being added to the church.

  • That members are being mentored and starting to serve at Imago Dei. Many were wonderful workers in the VBS which was held in the middle of June.

  • For the joy of getting to know our students at UDG better and having the opportunity to mentor them.

  • For the joy of celebrating 55 years of marriage. The Lord is good!  

  • For those that have increased our support and some that are giving anonymously 

  • For friends that are caring for our home in PA and more while we are in Europe.

  • For financial supporters & prayer partners that have been faithful for 47 years! Thank you