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Quick Prayer and Praise

A large class taking a 1 week module Large class doing a one week Module at the University (UDG)

You may find more details on these requests by reading the newsletters on this website. This is the place where a quick list of most recent prayer request and praise items may be found. Our hope is that this page will serve as a quick and up to date list of churches and individuals to access as they go to prayer.

Please Pray:

  • That Sasha would grow in knowledge and wisdom of Christ. He is already showing fruit!

  • For the growth of the Imago Dei church and Pastor Mihai and his wife, Irina.

  • That the Fall semester ending at UDG will have impacted Rich's students that the material they received would be used to reach others for Christ.

  • For Rich as he prepares new materials to teach to Russian speaking students to share in limited access countries.

  • For the Strong Foundations (NGO) ministry among the young men that need godly mentors and biblical support.

  • That as Jo Ann teaches these young men English (ESL), she will be able to share the Gospel and that they will come to know Christ.

  • That the ESL classes would be able to be extended into the community.

  • For all of the preparation for outreach into the community for Christmas and that we will see people reached for Christ and brought into the church.

  • For Monterrico Christian English Immersion School and the need of five teachers for 2019. The new school year starts in March 2019.

  • For the 24 graduates from MSC that they would continue to grow and be strong disciples of Christ.

  • For Jo Ann to regain the necessary strength to continue getting around independently.

  • For our continued language studies in the Romanian language. 

  • For new church planting opportunities along with Moldovan missionaries, pastors, churches, and ministry leaders. 

  • For both of us (Rich and Jo Ann) that we would continue to have the health and vitality to accomplish all that the Lord has for us here in Moldova.  

  • That we, along with the leadership at UDG and the Baptist Union will be able to mentor UDG students in church planting. 

  • For our daughter, Rachelle, and the family as they grieve the loss of Skyler one year ago.

  • For our partner Mihai that the Lord would provide the needed support for his family as he serves in full-time ministry here in Moldova. 

  • That the Lord would call more missionaries to join us in Moldova

  • For the Prairie family raising their support to join us in Moldova


  • For the successful launch of Imago Dei Church

  • For the dedication of Darius and the baptism of Alexandru (Sasha).

  • For people from the community around Imago Dei that are interested in this new church. I.E. Two women entered our services and have been attending, and a family saw the sign and are interested in attending. 

  • For the wonderful way the Lord is supplying for Imago Dei

  • That Jo Ann is recuperating well and gaining strength in her right leg.

  • For the 2018 graduating class from MCS, (Lima, Peru) and for the execellent administration and faculty.

  • That our car is back on the road.

  • That we can now speak Romanian at the level of a small child.

  • For friends that are caring for our home in PA and more while we are in Europe.

  • Good health and stamina 

  • For financial supporters & prayer partners that have been faithful for 45 years! Thank you