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Quick Prayer and Praise

A large class taking a 1 week module Large class doing a one week Module at the University (UDG)

You may find more details on these requests by reading the newsletters on this website. This is the place where a quick list of most recent prayer request and praise items may be found. Our hope is that this page will serve as a quick and up to date list of churches and individuals to access as they go to prayer.

Please Pray:

  • For the sessions on preaching, for the teachers and those that attend

  • For the classes that Rich is teaching at UDG this semester to Russian speaking students to share in limited access countries that it will be used to reach many for Christ

  • For Jo Ann as she starts teaching ESL to the boys from Strong Foundations and that she will see some from the community coming as well. Some have already come to the church asking about English classes. Pray that as she teaches she will have the opportunity to share the Gospel and some will come to know Christ

  • That as we mentor our friends and partners Mihai & Irina, we would grow closer to Him and each other and be able to give them tools to continue serving 

  • For the groups that are coming down to minister at  Imago Dei and Strong Foundations, as they partner with Mihai to reach the community

  • For the growth of the Imago Dei church and Pastor Mihai and his wife, Irina

  • For the Strong Foundations (NGO) ministry among the young men that need godly mentors and biblical support.

  • For Monterrico Christian English Immersion School and the need of five teachers for 2019. The new school year starts in March 2019.

  • For Jo Ann to regain the necessary strength to continue getting around independently.

  • For our continued language studies in the Romanian language. 

  • For new church planting opportunities along with Moldovan missionaries, pastors, churches, and ministry leaders. 

  • For both of us (Rich and Jo Ann) that we would continue to have the health and vitality to accomplish all that the Lord has for us here in Moldova.  

  • That we, along with the leadership at UDG and the Baptist Union will be able to mentor UDG students in church planting. 

  • For our partner Mihai that the Lord would provide the needed support for his family as he serves in full-time ministry here in Moldova. 

  • That the Lord would call more missionaries to join us in Moldova

  • For the Prairie family raising their support to join us in Moldova


  • That Rich was able to get all the teaching materials together for his students from limited access countries this 2019 winter semester.

  • That the Lord blessed the outreach at Christmas at Imago Dei

  • For people from the community around Imago Dei that are interested in this new church. Some have come recently even to the Wednesday night Bible studies

  • For the wonderful way the Lord is supplying for Imago Dei

  • That we can now speak Romanian at the level of a small child.

  • For friends that are caring for our home in PA and more while we are in Europe.

  • Good health and stamina 

  • For financial supporters & prayer partners that have been faithful for 45 years! Thank you