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Surprise Tomorrow!

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on June 3, 2021

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Our Plan

It was mentioned in our last prayer release that we were planning to return to the states on May 31st to do routine medical check-ups. One of the reasons for setting that date was because the return leg of our round-trip ticket from the states was set last year for the end of May this year.

Before mentioning the plan to spend a few weeks in the states this summer in our last letter, we also noted; “The trouble with tomorrow is that we don’t know about tomorrow!" If you have been praying that our trip back to the states went well, we need to apologize. The first important news item we have for you is that we are writing this letter on June 3rd from Moldova. Now you know that we are not in the states and “Our Plan” obviously was not God’s plan!


God's Plan

God's plan is better. Much better! 

First, we were invited to consider a wonderful ministry opportunity in Spain. Dear friends of ours, Rick and Lisa Caynor (ABWE Spain), started a new church plant and were asking the Lord to provide someone to encourage and help the group while they made a necessary trip to the US. 

Second, we were able to do the medical check-up for Jo Ann right here in Moldova. We were concerned about some stomach problems that she was having, but after all the testing it turned out that the problem is quite managable here in Europe. This solution saved us quite a bit of time and money!

The airline made scheduling changes for the date of our return to the US in May, and we were able to reschedule it without cost for a date in November. Divine intervention is so fantastic as we needed to make a trip back to the states to attend the wedding of our granddaughter at that time. 


New Plan

The new plan is subject to change! However, this is what it looks like at the moment.

This weekend, June 5-6 we fly to Alicante, Spain with an overnight layover in Istanbul. We will spend the summer in Spain working with the new church plant and preparing our courses for the fall semester in Moldova.

"Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil" (Ephesians 5:15-16). 

From our point of view, helping a new church plant is the best use of our time. This is especially evident since our health issue was manageable here on the field without returning to the states. Not many of us would argue about "the days are evil" and that's all we want to say about that! Another positive factor about the new plan is that by God's grace, we may even be able to see some of the sights while we are here! Please pray that the Lord would use us in a wonderful way this summer while in Spain. 

We will be back in Moldova by September 1 and ready to assume a full teaching schedule for the fall semester at UDG. The idea is to accelerate our teaching schedule this semester so that we complete the courses by mid November.

Following the short break with the wedding and the holidays with family, we will be back in Moldova to teach the winter semester at UDG. Once again, we are anticipating a rather full teaching load. This is as far as we dare plan at this point!

Our ministries at the Imago Dei Baptist Church will continue on our return in September. Meanwhile, there are several summer activities planned beginning this month (June). Imago Dei will be hosting a day camp for the many children in the neighborhood. All the members of the church will be helping with the camp and need your prayers. Please do pray for this outreach. 

In August, the young people will be going to camp about 20 miles outside of Chișinău. Please pray that this will be a life changing experience for these teenagers. This is one of those ministries that needs a financial boost to cover the expenses. If you believe that the Lord is leading you to help with the camp ministry, please do contact us or simply send the funds through our ministry account at ABWE. 

Your prayers and generous giving make it possible for us to accept ministry opportunities like going to Spain to serve in a new church plant as well as the Moldovan ministries. Thank you so much for your faithfulness! Please do remember us in prayer as we serve in Spain this summer.