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When the Going Gets . . .

Rich Davis on August 4, 2020



There was a shadow over the beauty of Spring this year as fear of Covid 19 gripped the world. We were in Moldova preparing to face the threat along with our neighbors and partners when the voices of wisdom advised us to evacuate the country. There are moments in life when taking a step back is not a bad move! There was no certainty that we would both remain free of the virus and we did not want to become a burden on our partners in Europe.

As we wrote in our last newsletter, “Three human voices were speaking  to us about this decision (ABWE administration, our national partners, and the American Embassy) all of which encouraged us to evacuate. Prayer along with these voices brought us to the conclusion that the wisest thing to do was temporarily leave Moldova until things returned to normal once again."



It would serve little purpose to recount the frustrations that all of us have experience during these recent months. There are contradictory voices on the danger of the virus or how to best respond. Please do not get us started on the riots or the election and all the clashing voices clamoring for our allegiance!

There are spiritual frustrations too as churches all over the world deal with unprecedented restrictions on their ministries. Many missionaries, including ourselves, have been plagued with the uncertainty as to when we might be able to travel to the countries of our calling.

20200515_082732 Rich online with Mihai and Sergiu


It was so satisfying to see the ministries of the Imago Dei Baptist Church continue preaching, teaching, and reaching out despite the lockdowns in Moldova. Just as many churches around the world, the leadership at Imago Dei went online and expanded the ministry. Along with that, the church held an extreme camp in the wilderness for several young men who come from dysfunctional families plagued with problems like alcohol abuse and divorce. The Strong Foundation ministry is an NGO founded by Pastor Mihai and functions under the auspices of the Imago Dei Baptist Church. To see a short and exciting video report about the camp produced by Mihai and Sergiu, please click here.

Because the economic situation in Moldova is so difficult, the Berean adult SS class of Grace Baptist Church in Lewisberry, PA raised the funds necessary to make the camp possible. Thank you so much, Berean! The Lord is still doing a great work in the hearts of these young men as well as in the lives of the men in the Imago Dei church who served with Pastor Mihai and Sergiu in the camp. When the going gets exciting, exciting leaders keep right on going for the Lord. Please continue to pray for these young men and that the Strong Foundations ministry will continue to grow and reach more young men and young ladies for Christ.

Many of us have discovered that having more free time allowed us to take opportunities that we could not have done with our normal schedules. Jo Ann was able to meet with some very dear friends from Peru via Zoom each week for Bible study and fellowship. Patty was in England and Fanny was in Peru while Jo Ann was in the USA. Meanwhile, Rich was able to continue a discipleship ministry with two remarkable young leaders in Moldova. Mihai and Sergiu met with Rich each week via Zoom to study the Self-Confrontation course. All of us have grown through these times online.

Many Christian colleges have been offering online classes as they meet the test of closed traditional classrooms. We have been able to take several online courses during this Covid pause which have been helpful in preparing us for further ministry. In today’s world, the joy of learning does not end when the traditional classroom closes!

We have so many dear friends in the church we attend when in Pennsylvania. Rarely do we have the luxury of spending so much time in PA but as the Lord would have it, Jo Ann became the teacher of the Ladies Sunday School class for the summer and Rich was often privileged to join the worship teams during the three morning worship services this summer.

DSC05750 Rich working in our home office in Chișinău.


When the going gets challenging, the challenged get going. The Christian University (UDG) in Moldova has written requesting that Rich increase his teaching load for the coming year. Courses include the theology of evangelism and specialized approaches to evangelism for limited access countries along with discipleship, church planting, and the Christian family. In addition to teaching these courses in the traditional classroom, Rich has been asked to develop these courses for their online curriculum. Some of the online courses that Rich took this summer were focused on how to effectively teach online and how to facilitate online courses. Offering online courses will increase our ability to reach more students in limited access countries which is a huge plus factor!

We have our tickets in hand to fly to Moldova on August 27th. Please do pray for us as we return to Eastern Europe and as we meet the challenges of developing courses for traditional classroom environments as well as online. Please also continue to pray for our ministries with the Imago Dei Baptist Church as well as with the Strong Foundations ministry.

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