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One Giant Leap!

Rich Davis on August 14, 2019

68266929_673296329815022_9006070460026191872_n Speaking on the Attributes of God on Sunday morning at Imago Dei

Moldova Landing

Our trip back to Moldova wasn't a "giant leap for mankind," but it wasn't a small step either! We crossed over the big pond (the Atlantic) and then a smaller pond (the Mediterranean), and then an even smaller pond (the Black Sea) to finally arrive in Moldova.  The good news is that we are back and moving full speed ahead!

It was the wee hours on Thursday when we finally hit the pillows upon arrival in Moldova and Rich was in the pulpit three days later at Imago Dei. Yes, he was awake!

It is such a blessing to be back with our dear friends at church and at the Christian University. Orientation activities at the University take place at the end of August and class begin the following week. While the teaching schedule is not confirmed yet, it looks like Rich will be teaching an evangelism course as well as the next segment of the church planting course. It also looks like Jo Ann is going to be teaching classroom English at the university, as well as starting an English (ESL) club where there will be greater opportunities to mentor the students and interact with them.

Besides doing medical check-ups this summer we also squeezed in a recording session to send our personal message of gratitude to each of you. We hope that you will enjoy the short 10-minute video below. Thank you for making it possible for us to continue serving here in Moldova!