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On The Way With Imago Dei

Rich Davis on May 2, 2019

IMG_7977 Delya, Mihai, and Irina

Growing Together in Christ

Few things are more fascinating to watch than youngsters growing. It is exhilarating for Jo Ann and me to partner with some young and talented couples as we work together.

The two young couples that we partner with are each raising their first child. Together we are raising a baby church plant that we call "Imago Dei" (Image of God). [SECRET TRICK - If you click on the pictures on this page, you can see them on a larger scale!]

IMG_8108 cropped Sergio, Darius, Svetlana


Darius is only seven months old and has yet to take his first step. Delya is twenty months old and is faster than lightning on her feet. Sometimes we take turns carrying her just to keep her out of mischief! 

Delya (above) was about a year old when the Imago Dei church plant was officially launched and just as the children need help and training, so does our growing congregation.

IMG_7941 Cropped Delya and Rich



Jo Ann and I feel very much like the grandparents as we love and enjoy these precious little ones. The parents don't even mind that we speak Engish to the children!

IMG_7951 Rich, Mihai and Delya


Mihai is the lead pastor and Sergio is the worship leader. Jo Ann and I are the mentor/coaches on a few different levels. In the interest of full disclosure, Jo Ann and I learn as much from our partners as they do from us. Being in a new culture and learning a new language has a steep learning curve!

58577541_685563751913569_960586254842331136_n Psalm Sunday at Imago Dei. Apparently, Rich thought it was palm Sunday!

We were greatly encouraged to have fellow ABWE missionary, Steve Winget (serving in Budapest, Hungary), with us for a couple of weeks leading up to, and during the week that we celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Lord. Steve preached on Psalm Sunday along with teaching several other topics at special meetings held at Imago Dei. Rich had the privilege of preaching on Resurrection Sunday. You may enjoy more pictures of these special meetings

Yes, the percussion assembly is much smaller than the one I enjoyed at Grace Baptist in Lewisberry, PA! 

57459379_326815001297741_9136276564017676288_n Rich and Jo Ann leading the mid-week Bible Study on the family.

With the help of the Burch family visiting from Newberry Springs, California, we had the opportunity to do some initial training on the family at our mid-week service. The Burch's were also a huge help in Jo Ann's ESL class that week. Check out the pictures here. We are hoping to draw young families to the Imago Dei church which seems to be a natural target group given the age and family situations of Mihai & Irina and Sergio & Svetlana.

Please do pray for our team and for the growth of the Imago Dei Church plant. With more growth and proper preparation we are dreaming of officially organizing the congregation as a local church this fall, the Lord willing. There are several items of praise and things to pray for on the Quick Prayer and Praise page which you can read by clicking here


It was a blessing for Mihai and Rich to teach one segment of a church planting course at the extension campus of UDG which is located in a village about 25 miles from Chișinău. We taught all day for two weeks which kept us from our normal schedules back in town. You can see some pictures of the extension class by clicking here. One young couple told me that they both felt called to serve the Lord in missions doing church planting. What an encouragement!

We are now nearing the completion of the course on evangelism in limited access countries at the Christian University (UDG). These Central Asian students are preparing to return to their respective countries to serve the Lord.They need our prayers to say the least. 

Because routine check-ups are a good idea, we are scheduled to fly back to Harrisburg, PA at the end of May. Appointments are lined up during June with our doctors that know us and have our histories. We are looking forward to visiting with our daughters and their families. We do miss our grandchildren back in the states in spite of having Delya and Darius to cuddle here in Moldova. 

Our health is good and we do not anticipate any obstacles returning to Moldova. Please do pray with us for the travels to and from the states and also that we will get good medical reports for continued service on the foreign field.

By God’s grace, along with your prayers and financial support, we are able to be in this wonderful country serving our Lord. Thank you for standing with us faithfully over all these years.