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The Word

Rich Davis on February 9, 2019

Rich Speaking Christmas Rich preaching Christmas Day at Stonham Baptist Community Church

Preaching the Word

"So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome." (Rom 1:15)

We had the joy of celebrating the birth of our Lord in England with dear friends, Paul, and Patty Kemp. Paul is the pastor of the Stonham Baptist Community Church, and he invited Rich to preach on Christmas and New Year’s. As the Apostle Paul was eager to preach in Rome, so we were anticipating the joy of preaching Christ in the village of Stonham. The fellowship with our brothers and sisters was such a blessing, and they even understood our American English! In Moldova, all of Rich’s teaching and preaching is with a translator, but it was nice to speak without interruption.

Christmas traditions in England were so much fun and the dinner was very British with a sprinkling of Peruvian and American touches. The meal started with the tradition of pulling “Crackers” open. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, click here for photos.

And how are they to hear without someone preaching? . . .

So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” (Rom 1:15a, 17)

Preaching is an essential part of church planting and Christian ministry. For that reason, our partner Mihai Chisari was burdened to invite special speakers to the Imago Dei meeting hall to offer training on biblical preaching. The first-weekend session featured a young Romanian preacher with about 20 pastors and students attending. Rich will participate in the training during a weekend session in March. Please do pray for these vital sessions and for those who attend. May God’s Word be preached in truth and with power from the Spirit.


IMG_2495 Do Jo Ann's ESL class is resuming

Teaching the Word

The winter/spring semester began at the University (UDG) here in Chișinău. Rich is teaching second-year students from limited access countries. The opportunity to work with these particular students was one of the motivating factors in our coming to Moldova, and we sense a great satisfaction in training young men and women who can go where we cannot. Please pray for Rich as he teaches and for the students.

Other ministries are also reawakening now that the Orthodox Christmas celebrations have ended. Jo Ann is preparing fresh material for the ESL class that she teaches at Strong Foundations” (NGO) which functions in the Imago Dei Church meeting hall. Some of these young men need to trust Christ which is one of the reasons Jo Ann uses many biblical stories in her teaching. Please do pray for Jo Ann and this evangelistic outreach.

Mentoring and coaching are one of the areas where we have gained much experience over the years of our missionary journey. One of our goals here in Moldova is to “pass the baton,” so to speak, to our young friends and partners, Mihai and his wife, Irina. Using the course Self-Confrontation is a wonderful biblical tool to guide us in this process. Please do pray for all four of us as we work together growing in Christ.


Practicing the Word – Missions

As pastor of the Imago Dei church, Mihai has received offers from groups who are planning to come to Moldova to help in this church plant. This year he has extended invitations to 3 groups and there is outreach projects planned to impact the Ciocana area of Chișinău. Please do pray for these short term missions groups as they partner with Imago Dei in reaching people with the Gospel. Please also pray for the growth of the church.

We are thrilled to be a part of what the Lord is doing here in Moldova. There are many factors which make it possible for us to be here. Many who read our newsletter rejoice with us and continue to pray for fruit that remains in our ministries. Many faithful churches and dear friends pray and give that our every need might be met. We thank God for you and humbly acknowledge God’s grace in joining us together for His glory.