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Go, Tell It In Moldova

Rich Davis on December 5, 2018

Opening of Service The Imago Dei church launch day October 7, 2018

Watching the Flock

We are taking some liberty with one of our favorite Christmas carols this month to express our joy and thankfulness for God’s goodness. The first verse of Go Tell It On The Mountain says in part;

“While shepherds kept their watching
Over silent flocks by night . . . ”

Many of you prayed with us as we anticipated opening the doors of the new church plant, Imago Dei on October 7th. The Lord did indeed bless that first service as several believers from sister churches encouraged us with their presence and prayers. Click here to see some shots of the launch service. Neighbors are starting to notice the church and popping in to see what is happening. The Lord is adding to the core group people from the Ciocana area of Chișinău.

IMG_2516 Alexandru (Sasha) the first believer to be baptized at Imago Dei.

Washing the Flock

The first Sunday of December was a day of victory and joy at Imago Dei as we celebrated the ordinance of Baptism for the first time. Sasha comes from a home broken by alcoholism and is a part of our NGO (Strong Foundation) for boys like him that operates under the umbrella of the Imago Dei Church. He trusted Christ earlier this year and was anxiously awaiting the opportunity to be baptized. His unsaved grandfather came to the baptism and it was a blessing to minister to the family. Please pray that Sasha would continue to grow in wisdom and the knowledge of Christ. He is already a faithful servant in the church. You can see some photos of the baptism by clicking here.

Addition to the church is happening biologically too! Sergiu, the worship leader at Imago Dei, and Svetlana are rejoicing with the recent birth of their son Darius. We prayed for the parents and grandparents of this sweet baby boy, that they would train him up in the Lord, and that he would one day come to know the Savior that his parents know and love. You can see photos of this event by clicking here.

It is always a blessing to celebrate the Lord’s Supper following baptism and this day was no exception. One would think that a country that produces thousands of acres of grapes and world class wine would have plain grape juice for sale somewhere. In spite of our best efforts, we could not find it so we purchase fresh grapes and Jo Ann made the juice for the Communion service. In the absence of a “normal” communion set we placed plastic cups on a silver tray for the juice as well as the bread. Communion sets are not available for purchase here in Moldova. Nevertheless, it was a joy to remember the sacrifice of our Lord and proclaim His death, burial, resurrection, and coming again with the ordinances.

The baptistery that we borrowed was interesting (and leaky!), and the communion service and elements were rather humble. But as the carol says;

"Down in a lowly manger
Our humble Christ was born
And God send us salvation,
That blessed Christmas morn:"

Please do pray that the Imago Dei church plant would continue to grow in every sense. Please pray especially for Pastor Mihai and his wife Irina as well as Delya their year old daughter.

IMG_2501 . . . now I know my ABCs! Jo Ann's ESL class.

Tell it Everywhere

"Go, Tell It On The Mountain,
Over the hills and everywhere;"

This was the primary message of the evangelism course that Rich taught at the Christian University (UDG) this semester. Rich taught Good Soil Evangelism along with the first steps of discipleship. Classes are scheduled to conclude before the Christmas break. Please do pray for the students that the training they received will be instrumental in leading others to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Jo Ann is now teaching English as a second language (ESL) to the boys from the NGO (Strong Foundation). On Wednesdays she teaches the boys for a couple of hours and then has a discipleship class with the Irina, the pastor’s wife for a couple of hours before the evening Bible study and prayer meeting. Please pray as she shares the gospel while teaching English. The boys will do most of their reading out of the Bible and the conversation is about biblical themes for the most part. May many of these boys at risk come to know Christ as Savior. You can get a sense of this ministry by clicking here.

Beginning in January we will be teaching once again for a couple of weeks at the UDG extension campus in the camp facilities about 25 miles outside Chișinău. This should be interesting as winter will be quite a challenge at the camp setting. Rich is scheduled to teach Church Planting for those weeks.

When we return to the main campus in Chișinău, Rich is scheduled to teach the Russian speaking students how to share the Gospel in limited access countries. Rich is developing material for the course that will complement other available resources. This class will be larger than the Romanian speaking class was and we sense the urgency to prepare this new class for the vital task of taking the Gospel to their respective countries.

 As our Christmas carol says in the fourth verse:

"When I am a seeker,
I seek both night and day;
I seek the Lord to help me,
And He shows me the way:"

Please pray as we develop and deliver this course and for the students as they receive and implement it.

Graduating Class MCS 2018 Graduating class of 2018 - Monterrico Christian School

Other Sheep

During the 45 years that we have served as missionaries, there have been many "flocks" that we have watched and nurtured. While the Lord has called us to other fields, the love we have for the people and ministries in our past is never forgotten and always warm.

Encouraging news arrived this week from the Monterrico Christian School (MCS) in Lima, Peru. Twenty four students are graduating this year which is a huge blessing! Please pray for these students as they journey through life and that they will continue to grow as disciples of Christ. One of our short-term teachers at the time, Barbara Sefinga, remembers teaching several of these students when they were in the first grade. That would have been the year 2007. The Lord is still using and blessing this school after all these years. We are so thankful for the capable leadership of Pastor Salvador who pastors the New Life Baptist Church in Monterrico where the school is located and Director Nancy Miller who has faithfully lead the school from almost the beginning. 

For any teachers, including "retired" teachers, there is a need for 5 of you at the school next semester which begins in March 2019 (March through December). Since MCS is an English immersion school, it is not required to speak Spanish! We desire native English speakers to teach the children. If the Lord has prepared you as an elementary teacher, please do pray about the possibility of using those skills for these wonderful young Peruvian students. For more information, please contact Nancy Miller via email at nmiller@mcslima.edu.pe.

CEEMed RC2018-Davis02

Watchman on the Wall

"He made me a watchman
Upon the city wall,
And if I am a Christian,
I am the least of all."

This Christmas, Jo Ann and I both feel the growing sense of responsibility to reach the city of Chișinău and the many towns and villages that need the gospel of Christ here in Moldova. We also count it a huge blessing that we have the privilege to train students from limited access countries for kingdom ministry in their countries.   

In closing we would change the last verse of Go Tell It On The Mountain to say;

“And if we are missionaries,
we are the least of all.”

While we are making progress in learning the Romanian language, we are not yet competent to communicate well, much less teach or preach in that beautiful language. When we consider the amazing missionaries that serve with ABWE and other great missions here in Europe, we wonder how we could be counted with such talented and creative servants. Then we remember that Jesus took some simple fishermen and turned the world upside down. Please continue to pray for us as we grow in the wisdom and knowledge of Christ and then make disciples for His glory.

We want to thank each of you for your faithfulness in prayer and for many who faithfully give that we might be able to Tell It On The Mountain. Merry Christmas to each of you and may the New Year bring many more blessings as we serve Him together.