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Rich Davis on October 3, 2018

Count Your Blessings!


DSC06534 - C 160 students starting the fall semester

Orientation Retreat with UDG Students

The new academic year traditionally starts at UDG (University Divitia Gratiae) with several days of retreat and orientation at the camp. This year was the first time that Jo Ann and I had to participate in the activities and to be officially presented to the student body.

Enthusiasm was great as all of us anticipate what God is going to do this year. What a privilege to have a spiritual imput in the lives of many of these young believers from Moldova and Central Asia. If you would like to get a sense of the orientation activities, please click here. Please also pray with us that this semester would be greatly blessed of the Lord in the lives of these young people.

IMG_2699 Thankful for the Good Soil materials and training.

UDG Extention Campus Begins

Not only does UDG have a main campus in the capital city of Chișinău, but there is also an extention campus in a town about 25 miles outside of the capital. The extention campus is a blend of a Bible Institute and Vocational Training Center. When the summer camp season is over, many of the staff members remain and the facilities become the setting for the extention institute. Jo Ann and I were invited to spend two weeks at the Bible Institute teaching two modules. Rich taught Good Soil Evangelism the first week and then a course on discipleship the second week.

There are just under 40 students this semester at the Institute and it was a huge blessing to see them warm up to the training that we were able to give them. It will problably seem unusual for all of our stateside friends that students here don't normally purchase or receive textbooks or materials for their courses. In our case, when we need our students to have materials, we must provide them. The reason for mentioning that is to express our gratitude to all of our supporters because you make it possible to do that! Thank you for your faithfulness not only in prayer but also in giving. Take a look at some of the pictures we captured from the training time at the Bible Institute. Please also join us in prayer for these precious young people that the Lord would use them as shinning lights for His glory.

IMG_2597 Mihai presenting the benefits of being a part of the Strong Foundations organization for young men.

"Strong Foundations" for the New School Year

In our last news/prayer letter we mentioned that our close partner here in Moldova, Mihai Chisari, came from a difficult family background and spent much of his youth being raised by his grandmother. This is a very common situation in Moldova causing many young men to be raised without a good father figure much less a godly example to follow. Strong Foundations was established by Mihai in order to find these young men and invite them to a place where they can enjoy health training and social interaction with a spiritual emphasis in biblical principles.

Because this NGO is registered here in Moldova with a well established reputation, the public schools allow Mihai to come to the High Schools to share with the boys the great opportunity for them to have a place of their own where they will be safe and receive much material, emotional, and spiritual help. We are especially excited to now have the facilities that the Lord has given us for the Imago Dei church available for the boys to meet from this point forward.

Mihai invited Rich to accompany him as he presented the benefits of the foundation to a group of high school boys. It was a unique experience to see the respect on the part of the school administrators and the response of the boys as we spent this time with them. Several of the boys expressed interest in coming to the meetings by sharing their information with Mihai for follow-up. If you would like to see a few more shots of that event, please check out this link.

IMG_2377 Rich preaching in anticipation of launch day.

Count Down for the First Public Meeting of the Imago Dei Church Plant Initiative!

The Lord has blessed in a wonderful way as we have been preparing our new rented facilities for the Imago Dei (Image of God) church plant. Imago Dei is a church plant outreach of Baptist believers with a goal of becoming organized and recognized as a local church here in Moldova.

Because of the faithful giving of so many of our supporters, we have been able to help in a significant way in providing some of the useful items needed for a church plant initiative. New chairs are arriving today as we anticipate a good group from sister churches and neighbors that we invite to this Sunday's first public meeting. The sound system is also installed and working well. Thank you for making these and many other things available for this new evangelistic church plant. We are also committed to helping with the monthly rent for the initial stages of this effort and would appreciate prayer for this need.

For the last two Sundays, Rich has been preaching on the purpose and responsibility of the church. We are preparing our hearts to serve our community faithfully by being and doing all that the Lord has commanded us to do.

For the next days before Sunday, we will be out in the streets with our team passing out flyers inviting our neighbors to come to the meetings prepared especially for them and their families. Leaders and members from sister churches have also indicated their commitment to join us in these initial outreach efforts.

Everything is in place for the big day coming this Sunday, October 7 at 3 PM (Moldovan time). More than ever, we sense the urgent need for this effort to be bathed in prayer all around the world. Many friends receiving this letter are located in countries scattered around the globe. Everyone is involved in wonderful and vital ministries. Because we support each other in prayer, we are requesting that everyone would join us in asking God to do something amazing in Moldova. Would you consider joining us especially for the next week praying that the Lord would stir the hearts of our neighbors? Then please continue as we follow-up and faithfully serve the Lord in seeking the lost in our city.