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Back in the Saddle

Rich Davis on January 11, 2018

Skyler Skyler visiting us in PA a few summers ago.

Tender Trails

We were far from home on the trails that led us to Eastern Europe when urgent news arrived that called us to return to a farmhouse on the plains of Ohio to be with our family and celebrate the relatively short life of our grandson, Skyler. There were many hugs and tears and memories that were shared with friends and family. 

We cannot describe how overwhelmed we were as love was expressed by so many friends around the world. We were comforted and blessed in a thousand ways. While assured by the promises of God's Word, there will always be a tender and sensitive spot in the hearts of our family and close friends when the memory of that special young man wells up. 

IMG_1293 One of our Moldovan partners, Mihai C, met us at the airport in Chișinău.

Chem Trails

Life continues on Earth and in Heaven. Healing will come as we continue to fulfill God's purposes while absorbing and applying the truths that the Lord is showing us along the way. 

We followed the trails in the sky back to Moldova where we are quickly resuming our language study and immersing to a much greater degree in the ministries that the Lord has called us to here. In spite of missing most of the last cycle at the language school and then forgetting half of what we had studied, we find ourselves back with our fellow classmates playing catch-up as fast as we can. The term "overwhelmed" doesn't even come close to describing how we feel. Our hope is that with much much prayer and study we will ride hard enough to catch up to herd! This is a huge prayer request.

10628247_732630380154397_4473319113231577168_n Mihai and Sergiu - The Moldovan leaders of a new church plant called Imago Dei. Both of these men graduated from the Christian University here in Chișinău.

Many Trails

The challenge with spending significant time studying the language is that we now have more responsibilities to consider. Soon, classes will begin at the Christian University where Rich will be teaching a course on church planting for Russian speaking students from Central Asia and Romanian speaking students from Moldova. Because translation in the classroom will take half of the time, it is mandatory to carefully select only the most essential material and present it in the most effective way. Class preparation will take considerable time and work. 

Along with the ministry in the classroom, we are committed to helping a new church plant get up the trail along with a team of young Moldovan leaders. Mihai and Sergiu have invited us to join with them and others in starting a church in a new and rapidly developing sector in the capital city of Chișinău.

We are quickly reminded of the wonderful team that the Lord put together in Lima, Peru when the New Life Baptist Church was started in Monterrico with Beto, Salvador and several other young leaders! We will be training a new leadership group twice a week in preparation for the launch of the church which is now scheduled for September of this year. Please pray for this exciting new church plant and for these young leaders. 

Mihai & family 2018 Mihai, Irina, and their beautiful baby daughter.

Bumpy Trails

There are always challenges in the ministry. One of our first challenges is to see Mihai gain the financial support that he will need in order to dedicate the time and energy that is necessary to successfully plant this church. He is a recent graduate of the Christian University where Rich is now teaching and has been involved in the in the ministry since that time. He started an NGO here in Moldova for boys at risk and has wide open doors in the public schools. It is becoming necessary to shift his priorities to a greater emphasis on planting the new church, but funding he and his family are now urgent. Please pray with us that the Lord would meet this initial challenge. 

DSC03875 We are asking the Lord for something like this Volkswagen van.

Smooth Trails

While we were back in the states last month, we thought that our primary partners at the Christian University had lassoed a Hyundai van for us for us to use for mentoring students in practical church planting efforts in neighborhoods, towns, and villages in or near Chișinău. Before our buyer could get on the plane and fly to Poland to make the purchase, it was sold from under us. Those car rustlers are a hard bunch to deal with sometimes! 

Then a 2016 Toyota van became available, but the cost was about $ 5,000 more than we had in our car fund and we asked our friends to keep searching for a reliable van to buy within our budget. Please pray for the van project as we are planning to soon take students to neighborhoods, towns, and villages near Chișinău to evangelize and practice their church planting skills. Once these students graduate, they will return to Central Asia and other regions to serve our Lord. This type of practical mentoring will be so helpful for them in carrying out the Great Commission. Perhaps the Lord will provide a few more silver dollars to make finding a reliable used van a bit easier. 

Thank you for riding along with us on these trails. Thank you also for praying for us and supporting us financially. Our monthly support does need a boost as one of our supporting churches was struggling financially and had to drop us. We are now $135 short each month.