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Coffee on the Fast Track

Rich Davis on September 4, 2017

IMG_0878 Coffee at the Christian University

Coffee? Really?

There is a 7 hour time difference between Pennsylvania and Moldova. It may have been the chocolate factory that convinced Jo Ann that she could live in Moldova, but it was coffee that kept us moving during the first five days! We arrived in Chisinau, Moldova on the evening of Wednesday, August 30. By Saturday, we had purchased most of what was needed for our apartment and were unpacked and ready to roll. 

Friends picked us up for church on Sunday and we enjoyed a wonderful time of worship and fellowship even though we hardly understood a word of Romanian. Several believers do speak English and one even translated the message for us. 

Would you like to see our new apartment? We live on the sixth floor of a seventeen story apartment building. 

IMG_0871 Getting registered at language school

Good Day Sunshine

Our first Monday in Moldova found us scurrying off to find the language school and get registered as classes begin next Friday. It was drizzling rain in the morning, but by noon it was bright and sunny the rest of the day! Praise the Lord, because we have not purchased umbrellas yet! Check out a few shots we grabbed during the stop at our new torture chamber . . . that is - language school. Please pray with us that we will be given special grace from the Lord to learn Romanian. 

We then grabbed a taxi and within a few blocks arrived at the Christian University where we will be teaching and also mentoring the students. As we stepped through the front door we mentioned to someone that we had just arrived in Moldova last Wednesday when we heard "RICH DAVIS!" It was a former ABWE colleague who served many years in Columbia, South America, Johnny Bolin. He and his wife Susan were visiting their son, and family, who also teaches at the Christian University. It's a small world on a good day! 

After enjoying a wonderful lunch with the students, we met with several faculty members and administrators. For a while, it looked like they were going to schedule Rich to start teaching this week! In the end, it was decided to wait a bit before taking on a teaching load. 

The next stop was to see the lawyer who is guiding us through the visa process. Yes, there are tons of requirements to get our visas. It looks like we are going to be spending the next few days getting everything together for our first visa. Please pray with us that we can gather all the required documentation and then be granted visas. 

We are beginning to work on the purchase of the van and should be able to update you on that in our next newsletter. Please keep praying that we might have wisdom and guidance from the Lord in making this purchase. 

You may enjoy browsing through some of our first photos taken during our first few days here in Moldova. Check out the Photo Gallery to get a quick idea of our new surroundings. 

We are so thankful to finally be here! So many of you prayed fervently and also gave so that we could make it here in time to start language study. We all made it together. Thank You, Lord, and thank you each and every dear friend.