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Go, Tell It In Moldova

Rich Davis on December 5, 2018

Watching the Flock We are taking some liberty with one of our favorite Christmas carols this month to express our joy and thankfulness for God’s goodness. The first verse of “Go Tell It On The Mountain” says in part; “While shepherds kept their watching Over silent flocks by night . . . ” Many of you prayed with us as we anticipated opening the doors of the new church plant, Imago Dei on October 7th. The Lord did indeed bless that first service as several believers from sister churches encouraged us with their presence and prayers. Click here to see some shots of the...

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Count Down

Rich Davis on October 3, 2018

Count Your Blessings!   Orientation Retreat with UDG Students The new academic year traditionally starts at UDG (University Divitia Gratiae) with several days of retreat and orientation at the camp. This year was the first time that Jo Ann and I had to participate in the activities and to be officially presented to the student body. Enthusiasm was great as all of us anticipate what God is going to do this year. What a privilege to have a spiritual imput in the lives of many of these young believers from Moldova and Central Asia. If you would like to get...

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Making It Count

Rich Davis on August 13, 2018

Nine Days July 4th is not normally celebrated here in Moldova, but it became a special day anyway - in our case. For some mysterious reason on that day, Jo Ann was admitted to the hospital with severe sciatic nerve pain. The mystery is that no one could determine what caused that nerve to flare up. It took nine days for the doctors to reduce the pain to the point that she could be released. She is much better and the pain is under control but her right leg has been weakened. That is the leg that was affected by...

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Stones and Milestones

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on June 6, 2018

High Marks Getting your college degree is definitely a high mark in life for many young people. Saturday, June 2 was a very exciting day for the 53 students completing the BA program and the 10 students completing the MA program at UDG (Universitatea Divitia Gratiae) here in Moldova. It was also an exciting day for Jo Ann and me as it marked the conclusion of our first-semester of teaching. What a blessing to see some of our students reaching this milestone and heading now to many different points in Moldova, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia to serve our Lord. Please click here to...

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Taking the "A" Train

Rich Davis on February 16, 2018

Time to confess to our jazz roots! Long ago and far away, we were huge jazz fans and one of our favorite tunes was "Take the 'A' Train" - the Duke Ellington theme song.  Fast forward to 2018: We are not exactly heading to Sugar Hill in Harlem on the "A" train, but we do feel like we are on a fast moving train where an "A" would thrill most of the passengers. Chișinău is not Sugar Hill but it is covered with a blanket of snow just now! The students at the Universitatea Divitia Gratiae (UDG) are well into the winter semester and racing down the tracks...

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Back in the Saddle

Rich Davis on January 11, 2018

Tender Trails We were far from home on the trails that led us to Eastern Europe when urgent news arrived that called us to return to a farmhouse on the plains of Ohio to be with our family and celebrate the relatively short life of our grandson, Skyler. There were many hugs and tears and memories that were shared with friends and family.  We cannot describe how overwhelmed we were as love was expressed by so many friends around the world. We were comforted and blessed in a thousand ways. While assured by the promises of God's Word, there will always...

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Higher Thoughts

Rich Davis on December 1, 2017

  For my thoughts are not your thoughts,  neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth,  so are my ways higher than your ways  and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9)       Today we are celebrating the life of our grandson, Skyler, along with our family and many many friends who knew and loved him. Skyler, 18 years old, was a senior in High School. On Thanksgiving evening, he was walking in the neighborhood of his grandparents on his fathers' side when a pickup truck hit him...

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Good Day Sunshine

Rich Davis on October 3, 2017

Curious Carol The hurricanes Irma and Maria have passed and the weather channel is now reporting sunshine for the next few days on St. Thomas USVI. A friend of ours, Carol, wrote from a supporting church in California to ask if we might have an update on Bluewater Bible College (BBC) on St. Thomas following the hurricanes that ravished the Virgin Islands along with many other Caribbean islands. The chances are that Carol is not the only one who wondered about the college and also how the churches and believers fared after the devastation. The following is a revision of our reply...

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Coffee on the Fast Track

Rich Davis on September 4, 2017

Coffee? Really? There is a 7 hour time difference between Pennsylvania and Moldova. It may have been the chocolate factory that convinced Jo Ann that she could live in Moldova, but it was coffee that kept us moving during the first five days! We arrived in Chisinau, Moldova on the evening of Wednesday, August 30. By Saturday, we had purchased most of what was needed for our apartment and were unpacked and ready to roll.  Friends picked us up for church on Sunday and we enjoyed a wonderful time of worship and fellowship even though we hardly understood a word of...

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. . . Bang!

Rich Davis on August 26, 2017

Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for him.” (Lamentations 3:22-24) Anticipation . . . We have all prayed and listened to the prompting of the Lord. We should not be surprised that the living God answers prayer, and yet we are awed at the precision and perfection of His response!  Over the course of the last few weeks, and especially the last few days, we have together been watching the Lord answer...

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Waiting for the Gun

Rich Davis on August 7, 2017

Start Well  Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it. (1 Corinthians 9:24) In sports as in all of life, there are rules. The Jamaican world champion runner, Usain Bolt, among other things holds the world's record (9.58) for running the 100-meter dash. One of the hardest aspects of this run for him was getting a good start off the blocks. It's quite a challenge for a man who is 6 feet 5 inches to straighten up off the starting line from a...

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Back to the Future

Rich Davis on May 2, 2017

The Birth Place of the Reformation - Germany  As mentioned in our last newsletter, we planned to fly to Berlin, Germany to attend a meeting together with other ABWE leaders from several European and Mediterranean countries. Just after the celebrations of the Resurrection of Christ this year, we flew to Berlin and were greatly blessed to meet many of the faithful missionaries on the team in that area of the world. In many ways, the trip was a check to verify that Jo Ann is indeed ready to return to "normal" missionary activity. She passed the test with flying (no...

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Spring Training Camp

Rich Davis on March 1, 2017

Dream Come True Tim Tebow is one of our favorite athletes given his many admirable characteristics spiritually and physically. Those who have kept up with his life know that he has had his share of challenges in professional sports for a multitude of reasons. His coaches have often commented on his dedicated work ethic and positive attitude.  Spring training has begun and Tebow is at the training facility of the New York Mets in Florida and looking forward to the challenge of getting back "into the swing of things."  “Honestly it’s kind of a dream come true being out here...

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Alternative, Non-Fake, True-Truth Good News!

Rich Davis on February 16, 2017

"Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything  praiseworthy — meditate on these things" (Philippians 4:8).   Ten days ago, Jo Ann had surgery for which many of you prayed along with us. This morning we received the news from the doctor's office that our prayers have been answered with joyful news. No cancer was found in the biopsies! The surgery was done laparoscopically and she only needed a week before getting...

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Rich Davis on January 17, 2017

Care The name of our health insurance company through ABWE is United Health Care which is regulated by the Affordable Care Act which is often known as "Obamacare." Medicare can be a partial help and soon we should have a new care contender on the market "Trumpcare!" One might think that with all this wonderful care a person would not have a care in the world (except, of course, how to pay for it)! Thankfully, our faith is not in health systems for the outcomes we anticipate because ". . . a greater than . . ." Solomon, Jonah, the Temple, (or Health Care) is here. As believers, we all trust Jesus for our well-being...

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Rich Davis on November 29, 2016

Be diligent - to come unto me . . . (Titus 3:12) As the Apostle Paul coordinated the missionary effort at the beginning of the church age, he placed committed believers in strategic locations to carry out the Great Commission. The last ten years for us have been filled with multiple ministry opportunities as the Lord placed us in strategic locations from Peru to India, to Central America and the Caribbean and then lately to St. Thomas. We sensed a certain urgency in each of these transitions - so much so that we only slowed down to pack our bags and travel immediately to...

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The Moldovan Report

Rich Davis on September 20, 2016

The Trip At the close of our last newsletter, we mentioned that we would be traveling to Moldova in September. The safest route took us from the Washington/Dulles airport through Vienna, Austria and then to Chisinau, Moldova in Eastern Europe. At last, we had arrived in the city which is the home of the Christian University that we had traveled so far to see.  We arrived on Saturday afternoon and Rich was invited to preach the next morning at the Hope Baptist Church. That first Sunday in Moldova was full of first impressions and one of them was a strange mixture...

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Rich and Jo Ann Davis on August 12, 2016

For the Glory That is the title of a new book (May, 2016) by Duncan Hamilton about the life of Eric Liddell. While the Christian testimonies of some of the Olympic athletes in Rio this summer are wonderful, it would be hard to match the testimony of Lindell in the 1924 Paris summer Olympic's and how he rocked the world with his decision to honor the Lord by not running on Sunday. Some of you will remember the powerful movie Chariots of Fire that told the moving story of his God-given talent and his commitment to God. It is his"second life" that many people are...

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Graduation, Graduation, Graduation

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on March 22, 2016

When asked what are the three most important things for starting a business or church, the sage answer is often “Location, location, and location.” How are graduation and location related? It may be a stretch, but graduation and location are connected as the graduates look to where the Lord desires for them to locate now! Let us begin at the completion! Retreading- Rich Graduated As reported earlier, we traveled to Columbia, South Carolina where we met our youngest daughter, Rachelle, and other friends to witness the graduation ceremonies at Columbia International University (CIU). Rich is in the PhD program studying...

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Nothing Has Changed

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on November 21, 2015

It seems that almost every continent on the planet is in great turmoil today. Headlines concerning France and Mali cause many to wonder if the world has finally spun completely out of control. The masses of people trying to escape the horror are creating many challenges for Europe and the US and it might be reasonable to ask if all of this changes anything for the Body of Christ?  The best answer that we can find from all indications is that God's servants are keeping on keeping on. Obeying the Great Commandment and the Great Commission are still our marching...

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Stormy But Clear

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on September 26, 2015

The View from a Distance  The movie and music "Stormy Weather" tell of a broken romantic relationship, but here in the Caribbean stormy weather often brings greater concerns. Tropical storm "Erika" left her mark on the Caribbean a few weeks ago doing the most damage on our sister island - Dominica. Several Bluewater Bible College (BBC) students come from Dominica and we were all grieved at how the power of the storm destroyed so much of the island's infrastructure while taking many souls. Churches and Christian schools were swept away which continues to affect the lives of our brethren.  The song "Stormy Monday" hit the air...

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Rich and Jo Ann Davis on June 12, 2015

V - Vital  On May 1 of this year, Tennessee Temple University (TTU) closed its doors after 70 years of preparing men and women for carrying out the Great Commission at home and abroad. The TTU board voted to merge with Piedmont International University of Winston-Salem, N.C. TTU had a student body of about 300 students when the announcement was made.  One month later, Clearwater Christian College (CCC) in Clearwater, Florida also announced the closing of that college. Clearwater had been preparing Christian leaders for almost 49 years and had a student body of about 500 when the announcement came of the decision...

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Whale of a Time!

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on March 29, 2015

The prime period to catch sight of migrating whales in the US Virgin Islands is middle February through middle March. Indeed, the whales have been spotted this month playing in the bay just below the campus of Bluewater Bible College. Some folks believe that whales breach just for fun and it's a sure thing that watching them frolick is fun!  Paul didn't exactly say, "Rejoice like a breaching whale" but from our place overlooking the bay, it's a great image to have in mind.  Cheerful Students The Spring semester began with an all expense paid trip to St. Croix for...

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That was Interesting!

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on December 18, 2014

That was Interesting! Rich stepped out of the apartment with about 6 pillows in his arms from his waist to his chin. He had taken the steep path down the hill many times before and the lack of visibility didn’t seem like it would be a problem. Rich is convinced that an invisible spirit pushed him, but whether he slipped, tripped or was pushed, the fact is that he was soon racing down the hill at full speed. Streaking across one driveway he came to another hill with tree stumps and all he could do was let the pillows fly...

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School Daze

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on September 13, 2014

Busy Daze Most people like to tell their story from the beginning, but how boring is that? I suggest that we start from the end and work our way to the beginning. Hopefully, we can cover all the news in a flash.  The school year at Bluewater Bible College (BBC) ended last May with the traditional march. Rejoice with us that both graduates are already serving the Lord teaching in Christian Schools here on St. Thomas. What a delight to see these young students complete their studies and then launching out to serve our Lord. Please click here to enjoy some pictures from graduation 2014...

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Reading Other People's Mail

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on May 3, 2014

Dear Praying Friends, Normally, it is considered unethical to read other peoples mail, but since we are making this letter public, you can get the latest gossip from us as though you were an "insider." The reason we say that is because Rev. Wally Stephenson and his wife Jeannie Lockerbie Stephenson came to Bluewater Bible College for six weeks in February/March to teach two modules. Six weeks on the campus is enough to give veteran missionaries like the Stephenson's a very good feel for this ministry. When they wrote asking how things were going, we found ourselves writing a quick...

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Standing on the Rock

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on March 30, 2014

When we were growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area and someone spoke about “The Rock” we knew that the reference was to the well-known federal prison, Alcatraz. Most people who lived on “The Rock” in the years 1933 to 1963 didn’t volunteer for the privilege of island life! Alcatraz is tiny compared to the rock where Bluewater Bible College (BBC) is located. While Alcatraz covers less than a square mile, St. Thomas covers 32 square miles. We are standing on a beautiful and rather big rock, but there is another Rock that is infinitely more attractive. “Hear my...

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Care Casting

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on October 14, 2013

Casting all your care upon Him, for He cares for you. (1 Peter 5:7) The world is making much ado about the temporary partial government shutdown taking place in the U.S. There have been moments in the history of Bluewater Bible College (BBC) when the question of a shutdown also had to be taken seriously. In 1995 Hurricane Marian hit the BBC campus and totally wiped every building off the property. Would the Lord allow the college to rebuild? Just look at the building above for the answer. God’s people cast their care on the Lord and with His help...

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The Spins and Spoils of Spring

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on April 30, 2013

  Two days before our 47th wedding anniversary, we were on our way to the Sunday evening service along with 3 students from the Bluewater Bible College (BBC) and a young new believer (8 years old). We were at the outskirts of town when we noticed the headlights of an oncoming car which seemed to be in our lane. At first, we were not alarmed as we assumed the car would be turning into a driveway or a street at any moment. That would have been nice, but as we were to learn later, the other driver had fallen asleep at the...

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Hey George

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on March 2, 2013

(Please receive this no frills "Memo" with understanding and love. We receive a request from George, who is a dear friend and also classmate from Bible college days in Denver. He was seeking updated information for the mission's conference coming up at Columbine Baptist church next week. We sent the following letter to him (and now to you) so that you might know that WE ARE STILL ALIVE and NEED your prayers!)   Hey George, Greeting from the tranquil, laid back island of St. Thomas – NOT!! We are so far behind on getting out a newsletter that it’s beyond...

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Rainbow Season

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on November 20, 2012

Weighty Matters Life in the Caribbean is filled with contrast. Fabulously wealthy strangers buy whole islands and build mansions while many who have lived here for centuries struggle to provide daily bread for their family. Those who find it easy to laugh and sing live on the same islands with those who are bitter and angry. Sunny beaches, lush green hills and soft breezes mark most days until the arrival of the dreaded tropical storm or worse yet - a full-fledged hurricane. Hurricane season in the Caribbean runs from June 1 to November 30 which covers 97% of tropical activity...

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Blue Moon Over Bluewater

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on September 12, 2012

Beautiful Beyond Words Our little Sony point-and-shoot camera could never capture the beauty of the Blue Moon that we witnessed from St. Thomas a short while ago. The truth is that the rare “Blue Moon” isn’t blue at all, but it certainly is beautiful. Once again we found ourselves worshiping our wonderful Creator and whispering “Our God is an awesome God! He reigns over Heaven and Earth.” Please click here if you would like to see a couple more shots of the Blue Moon from our porch.  Because the Blue Moon only occurs once every two or three years, the familiar phrase was coined "Once...

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V. O. T. E. - Election 2012

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on June 30, 2012

Gotcha! You might have thought that we were going to write about the US presidential election coming this November, but we know better than to get sidetracked with politics. We ARE, however, referring to a presidential “election” - that took place this month (June)!  We have chosen a theme having to do with government for this newsletter and we would like to use the acrostic V. O.  T. E. to help us in reporting to “we the people” – our faithful prayer warriors. V = VictoryThe American flag does fly over the island of St. Thomas USVI which has become our...

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Pondering the Pond

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on May 8, 2012

CuriousMr. Curious - and so are we curious to know the Lord's will.We do need to get a "normal" newsletter out with picture albums and a full report, but we've been delaying with the hope that we'll know the Lord's will as we make a decision concerning our future. As you know, the national president of the Bluewater Bible College (BBC) resigned and just a couple of weeks ago the board of trustees asked Jo Ann and me to continue in the role as president. Some of the questions are: Is it the Lord's will for us to continue here?...

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Senior Moments

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on February 22, 2012

Forgetting what lies behind (Phil 3:13) Is the Apostle Paul telling us that "senior moments" are ok? In fact, good? We're obviously stretching the context of Philippians 3 with that interpretation, but for the sake of our theme let's just have a little fun with the idea.   Senior TeachersIt was a huge blessing at prayer meeting this week to hear one of the students from the Bluewater Bible College (BBC) thanking the Lord for the older men and women who surround him. He asked the Lord to allow him to learn from their wisdom and experience. (Maybe having an extensive past...

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Indies On Our Hearts

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on December 19, 2011

West IndiesSt. ThomasYes, we arrived in the West Indies about 6 weeks ago and found plenty to do at the Bluewater Bible College (BBC). Rich began teaching the course on "Missions" two days after landing on the island and Jo Ann was buried under a mountain of paperwork in the business office. The real Saint Thomas is often remembered for his doubts, but in our case St. Thomas has given us little to doubt. There is no doubt that we are needed this year, and there is no doubt that we are rejoicing at the privilege for serving here. Our last update included a prayer request for...

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Golden Opportunities

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on September 28, 2011

Golden Age          Ministry NuggetsCruising in a wonderful antique car in England on our way to the church wedding.How did it happen? We were cruising happily along when we discovered that we were headed for a new assignment and new stage in our life's ministry of carrying out The Great Commission. For the last several years, we have been helping sending churches and ABWE with the many faceted task of administration in the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico (CCAM), but now we see that this too was just another stop on the most exciting journey with our Lord! Our trip...

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Pounding The Table

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on May 9, 2011

Recently, there was a meeting of the ABWE missionary administrators from around the globe in Florida. When our turn came to report on the strategy for the Caribbean, Central America and Mexico (CCAM), the primary question was "What makes you pound the table?" What is the passion – the motivation - for why you do what you do? We could find no better words than those which came from the pen of John when he wrote: And they sang a new song, saying: "You are worthy to take the scroll, And to open its seals; For You were slain, And...

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Defining Our Course

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on January 31, 2011 Comments (22)

The huge welcome banner stretching across the main avenue on St. ThomasDefining Our Course"Defining our Course" was the theme of the West Indies Baptist Fellowship Conference this month in St. Thomas. What a blessing and honor to be able to participate in the 50th anniversary of this group of churches. Dr. Ray Thompson (Vice President of BIMI) was present for the occasion and recalled when he and his dear wife arrived in St. Thomas in 1955. To be able to look back and see hundreds of churches represented, a great Bible College (Blue Water Bible College on St. Thomas) and many believers after such...

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The Winds of Change Are Moving in the Caribbean

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on November 24, 2010

Leaders from the Blue Waters Bible College in St. Thomas The Jamaican Summit Sets the Stage for Change in Training To try and stop change in this world is like trying to stop the tide from its constant rhythm of movement in the oceans of the planet. Those of us with a conservative bent often find change to be something of a challenge. We prefer to move cautiously and test the wisdom of each decision we make. This careful approach has been evident with the stakeholders of the Bible Colleges in the Caribbean during the last year and a half....

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How Do I Love Thee . . .

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on October 2, 2010

Rich & Jo Ann on Mar's Hill Let me count the ways . . . Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote her beautiful poem in the 19th century but even to this day, many remember the opening lines. Elizabeth was describing her love for her husband to be, Robert Browning. However, our desire in this letter is rather to ?count the ways? that we love the Lord for His many blessings and the inspiration to continue our journey with Him. The ministry that the Lord has given us in the last couple of years has been primarily that of encouraging, counseling, training,...

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Making The Rounds

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on June 8, 2010

The Rich Coast! On The Rich Coast Costa Rica means "Rich Coast" and almost everyone agrees that this is one beautiful country. However, beauty can be deceptive as the outward appearance may hide some not so pleasing matters. Our ABWE team in Costa Rica has experienced challenges recently which were due in no small part to issues like a mystifying bureaucracy. Together with our ABWE missionaries, we continued to work on team development and leadership. By the end of our ten day visit, we had a clear vision of the powerful ministries that the Lord is raising up in that...

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Rebuild and Reach Out - Haiti

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on March 3, 2010

Mark Nikitin, Gary Crawford, Larry Willson and Rich at the MFI hanger in Ft. Pierce, FL just before take off to Haiti The Haiti Report The largest snow storm of the year was due to hit the east coast on the day that Mark Nikitin (ABWE) and I were to fly out of the Baltimore airport to Florida and then on to Haiti. All flights were canceled and if we were going to make the flight out of Florida, the best option was to rent a car and drive south. Happy to have avoided being trapped by the snowstorm, we...

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ABWE Haiti Relief Effort

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on January 30, 2010

Dr. Jack Sorg (ABWE) with short term medical team First Response Within hours of the 7.1 earthquake in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Rich was huddled with key ABWE personnel in Harrisburg, PA to make some important decisions as to how ABWE should respond to the overwhelming crisis in Haiti. Calls were already coming in just hours after the quake asking if ABWE would be involved in the relief effort and where to send funds. ABWE missionary doctor John Briggs is currently in Haiti ministering to the medical needs of people in desperate conditions. The International Healthcare Ministries (IHM) Department of ABWE is...

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Certainty in the Midst

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on December 12, 2009

Our Bright Hope Rests on the Bright Past "For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Rom 8:38-39) This is the season when most of God's family worldwide celebrates the moment when He became a man and was born of the virgin Mary. For the natural mind, this is as difficult to comprehend as the resurrection or the fact that...

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Good Oil and Good Soil Bless Nicaragua and Beyond

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on August 24, 2009

The ABWE International Healthcare Ministry Team To Nicaragua - 2009 Medical Team Partners With Missionaries and National Churches Good Oil The ministry of this year's ABWE short term medical ministry in Nicaragua is now history. If one were to try and calculate all the man hours of preparation, prayer and actual ministry it would probably boggle the mind, but no one who was there would doubt for a moment that it was all worth it. The Association of Baptist for World Evangelism (ABWE) was founded in 1927 by Dr. Raphael Thomas - a medical doctor with a burden to minister...

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Howdy Partner!

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on June 12, 2009

Working together for Him Being and Finding Partners is the Plan Partners in General No, this is not going to be a review of an old John Wayne western movie! But we do want to write about partnerships in this newsletter. Following the Asian Tsunami at the end of 2004, we were asked by the Indian leader of a large gospel tract printing and distribution ministry to come to India to teach church planting. This was to be our second experience in doing the Great Commission together with Christian brethren from other nations in a peer relationship. Our first experience was...

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Going Up

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on February 26, 2009

2004 Tsunami coming over the trees "Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom which cannot be shaken, let us have grace, by which we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear." Hebrews 12:28 Koncern in the Kingdom As we mentioned in our last epistle, the Ninth Wave is the one that many have reason to fear while others love the adrenaline rush of riding that wave on a surfboard. If we thought the Ninth Wave was big, what are we to think of the rising "Economic Tsunami" in the US and around the globe? Is anybody up for...

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The Ninth Wave

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on August 12, 2008

The Ninth Wave painted by Russian artist Ivan Aivazovsky in 1850 (click to enlarge) Fear of the Wave "Quick Prayer and Praise" list on our web site or by clicking on the link in quotations. Riding a wave to Mexico: Immediately following Candidate Classes, we flew to Mexico City to work with our ABWE team in that fantastic city. This is the largest city in the world and the place which most captures our hearts when we consider how many still need to know Christ. We shared the concepts from the teamwork seminar and shared our vision of partnering with...

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Harvest Commemoration

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on November 7, 2007

Rich & Jo Ann rejoicing in the blessings Celebration of Cross Cultural Harmony "Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. 5 I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing." (John 15:4-5) Historical Partnership in the US In 1621 the first harvest and resulting Thanksgiving in the new colony's was celebrated. The governor of the Plymouth...

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All Shook Up!

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on August 16, 2007

Please Pray for the physical and spiritual needs in Peru right now. POWERFUL PERUVIAN EARTHQUAKE A powerful earthquake, now listed at 8.0 in magnitude, shook Peru on Wednesday night August 15, 2007, killing at least 450 people and injuring more than 1,500. Jo Ann and I have recieved communication from our missionary colleagues and Peruvian friends who have shared chilling personal experiences, but with no greater harm more than a huge scare. Phone service was not available for many hours after the quake, but the Internet was working just fine. All ABWE missionaries are safe as well as our Peruvian friends in Lima. Praise the...

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Touching On Transformation

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on April 8, 2007

Lives are being transformed in India The resurrection of Christ was the most powerful and amazing transformation the universe has ever witnessed. Soon after that unequaled day in all of history, Christ commissioned us to "go into all the world and make disciples." We have the honor of participating with Him in a transformational ministry. None of us can actually perform the transformations, but we can be involved as instruments in His hands. We would like to share what the Lord has done through you and us in this first quarter of 2007. HAPPY RESURRECTION SUNDAY! 37 "WAVE" Churches in India Baptize 310 believers! W.A.V.E. (Winning...

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Parting Shots

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on December 1, 2006

Joy in Such a Plentiful Harvest Spiritual Harvest - Reason for Thanksgiving What more appropriate time than the Sunday before Thanksgiving to celebrate the initial gathering of the new churches in formation! Out of hearts bursting with gratitude our Christian forefathers acknowledge God's blessings in that first celebration of Thanksgiving for a plentiful harvest. We feel no different as we share with you how the Lord has blessed spiritually here in India. Not long ago we asked for prayer as Indian church planters gathered their cell groups into large groups for the first time on Sunday, November 19. That Sunday...

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Drawing the Nets

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on November 15, 2006

We are ready to draw the nets Big Day for New Churches Jo Ann and I are almost finished with our church planting project here in India and happy about how it's going. We are planning on 24 congregations meeting for the first time as large groups this Sunday (Nov 19). Up to this point we have only had cell groups meeting. These large groups won't be "organized" officially on Sunday, but once the budding congregations have been taught about the church, gone through their doctrinal statement and approved their constitution, they will organize. We are projecting that they could...

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Idols of Clay Are Melting Away

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on September 29, 2006

The Hindu Goddess Kali Melting Idols Recently, Jo Ann and I were in northern India and noticed a newspaper article lamenting the fact that the monsoon rains were coming down so hard and long that the newly manufactured clay idols representing the Hindu goddesses Durga and Kali were melting. An important Hindu festival was about to begin and it wouldn't be possible to manufacture enough idols to meet the demand. It would all be comical if it weren't so sad! We were reminded of the cry of Demetrius against Paul (Acts 19:21-41) for jeopardizing their business and the reputation of Diana...

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Incense in Heaven

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on May 8, 2006

Starting Churches Under the Mango Trees NOTE: See the 4 new albums in the Photo Gallery! India is a melting pot of eastern religions. It seems that many of these groups use incense for one reason or another, however the Scriptures also mention incense in the highest heaven. John says that . . . " . . . twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each having a harp, and golden bowls ful of incense, which are the prayers of the saints." (Rev 5:8) Church Planters Launch into 14 Villages The emotion of seeing 14 new church plants started in India is exhilarating. Jo Ann and...

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Teaching Them To Observe All Things

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on April 14, 2006

School of Missions Inauguration Day The sound of chanting was especially strange given the early morning hour. Who would be chanting at 4:30 AM? As we stirred in our semi sleepy state, we were jarred back to the reality that we had arrived in a place where multiple millions were trapped in shocking idol worship. Our sense of purpose in being here has sharpened even more now that we have arrived and are immersing into the culture. In the short space of two months since our arrival in India, we have seen the Lord do some wonderful things. Perhaps they...

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The Saga Begins

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on February 1, 2006

The church where it is claimed that Thomas lies Thomas Was Here Tradition claims that the Apostle Thomas came to India and died as a martyr in the Madras (Chennai) area. What an awesome thought to have the privilege to come 2,000 years later with the same burden and message of salvation in Christ alone. For several months we have been asking the Lord to show us how we can obey His call to India while at the same time caring for Rich?s mother who was failing in health. Many have joined us in prayer concerning this and the Lord?s...

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Christmas Greetings!

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on December 16, 2005

Worshipping the savior ?Many, O LORD my God, are thy wonderful works which thou hast done, and thy thoughts which are to us-ward: they cannot be reckoned up in order unto thee: if I would declare and speak of them, they are more than can be numbered.? Ps 40:5 The end of the year is fast upon us and as it comes to a close we find ourselves wanting to praise God for His works in our lives and the lives of those around us. As the verse says, if we were to try to speak of all of them...

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Dj-vu - Oct 2005

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on October 20, 2005

Davis Family 1975 / Ashby Family 2005 Dj-vu & Sharing With You Last month Jo Ann and I were in Costa Rica and while there we had the joy of spending some time with Ivan and Kristie Ashby along with their three precious daughters. Some of our friends who have known us since our commissioning service 32 years ago had mentioned that seeing the Ashby family just heading out to the foreign field was like dj-vu. So, we found a photograph of our family taken in Costa Rica while we were in language school in 1975 and then asked the Ashby's for a...

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Expanding the Vision - Aug 2005

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on August 16, 2005

  "Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest.?" John 4:35b Crossing The Country   We arrived in California this summer only long enough to see some of our family and pick up the car that our son in law and daughter Kim loaned to us for Home Ministries. We pointed the car east and headed for Pennsylvania.   We were at the ABWE Home Office for a week and then Rich went to Baptist Bible College and Seminary to finish up his Master?s program in Christian School Administration. The class work is...

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