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Taking the "A" Train

Rich Davis on February 16, 2018

Time to confess to our jazz roots! Long ago and far away, we were huge jazz fans and one of our favorite tunes was "Take the 'A' Train" - the Duke Ellington theme song.  Fast forward to 2018: We are not exactly heading to Sugar Hill in Harlem on the "A" train, but we do feel like we are on a fast moving train where an "A" would thrill most of the passengers. Chișinău is not Sugar Hill but it is covered with a blanket of snow just now! The students at the Universitatea Divitia Gratiae (UDG) are well into the winter semester and racing down the tracks...

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Back in the Saddle

Rich Davis on January 11, 2018

Tender Trails We were far from home on the trails that led us to Eastern Europe when urgent news arrived that called us to return to a farmhouse on the plains of Ohio to be with our family and celebrate the relatively short life of our grandson, Skyler. There were many hugs and tears and memories that were shared with friends and family.  We cannot describe how overwhelmed we were as love was expressed by so many friends around the world. We were comforted and blessed in a thousand ways. While assured by the promises of God's Word, there will always...

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Higher Thoughts

Rich Davis on December 1, 2017

  For my thoughts are not your thoughts,  neither are your ways my ways, declares the LORD.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth,  so are my ways higher than your ways  and my thoughts than your thoughts. (Isaiah 55:8-9)       Today we are celebrating the life of our grandson, Skyler, along with our family and many many friends who knew and loved him. Skyler, 18 years old, was a senior in High School. On Thanksgiving evening, he was walking in the neighborhood of his grandparents on his fathers' side when a pickup truck hit him...

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Good Day Sunshine

Rich Davis on October 3, 2017

Curious Carol The hurricanes Irma and Maria have passed and the weather channel is now reporting sunshine for the next few days on St. Thomas USVI. A friend of ours, Carol, wrote from a supporting church in California to ask if we might have an update on Bluewater Bible College (BBC) on St. Thomas following the hurricanes that ravished the Virgin Islands along with many other Caribbean islands. The chances are that Carol is not the only one who wondered about the college and also how the churches and believers fared after the devastation. The following is a revision of our reply...

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Coffee on the Fast Track

Rich Davis on September 4, 2017

Coffee? Really? There is a 7 hour time difference between Pennsylvania and Moldova. It may have been the chocolate factory that convinced Jo Ann that she could live in Moldova, but it was coffee that kept us moving during the first five days! We arrived in Chisinau, Moldova on the evening of Wednesday, August 30. By Saturday, we had purchased most of what was needed for our apartment and were unpacked and ready to roll.  Friends picked us up for church on Sunday and we enjoyed a wonderful time of worship and fellowship even though we hardly understood a word of...

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