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Count Down

Rich Davis on October 3, 2018

Count Your Blessings!   Orientation Retreat with UDG Students The new academic year traditionally starts at UDG (University Divitia Gratiae) with several days of retreat and orientation at the camp. This year was the first time that Jo Ann and I had to participate in the activities and to be officially presented to the student body. Enthusiasm was great as all of us anticipate what God is going to do this year. What a privilege to have a spiritual imput in the lives of many of these young believers from Moldova and Central Asia. If you would like to get...

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Making It Count

Rich Davis on August 13, 2018

Nine Days July 4th is not normally celebrated here in Moldova, but it became a special day anyway - in our case. For some mysterious reason on that day, Jo Ann was admitted to the hospital with severe sciatic nerve pain. The mystery is that no one could determine what caused that nerve to flare up. It took nine days for the doctors to reduce the pain to the point that she could be released. She is much better and the pain is under control but her right leg has been weakened. That is the leg that was affected by...

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Stones and Milestones

Rich and Jo Ann Davis on June 6, 2018

High Marks Getting your college degree is definitely a high mark in life for many young people. Saturday, June 2 was a very exciting day for the 53 students completing the BA program and the 10 students completing the MA program at UDG (Universitatea Divitia Gratiae) here in Moldova. It was also an exciting day for Jo Ann and me as it marked the conclusion of our first-semester of teaching. What a blessing to see some of our students reaching this milestone and heading now to many different points in Moldova, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia to serve our Lord. Please click here to...

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Taking the "A" Train

Rich Davis on February 16, 2018

Time to confess to our jazz roots! Long ago and far away, we were huge jazz fans and one of our favorite tunes was "Take the 'A' Train" - the Duke Ellington theme song.  Fast forward to 2018: We are not exactly heading to Sugar Hill in Harlem on the "A" train, but we do feel like we are on a fast moving train where an "A" would thrill most of the passengers. Chișinău is not Sugar Hill but it is covered with a blanket of snow just now! The students at the Universitatea Divitia Gratiae (UDG) are well into the winter semester and racing down the tracks...

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Back in the Saddle

Rich Davis on January 11, 2018

Tender Trails We were far from home on the trails that led us to Eastern Europe when urgent news arrived that called us to return to a farmhouse on the plains of Ohio to be with our family and celebrate the relatively short life of our grandson, Skyler. There were many hugs and tears and memories that were shared with friends and family.  We cannot describe how overwhelmed we were as love was expressed by so many friends around the world. We were comforted and blessed in a thousand ways. While assured by the promises of God's Word, there will always...

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